Designing custom jewelry
Since 1997, right here in Vancouver

Aurelia’s clients understand that quality of design and workmanship are synonymous with value.

To begin, we personally meet with you and introduce you to our creations, using images and hand-drawn sketches of our fine jewelry. We discuss the designs and capture your imagination, brainstorming ideas until we find one that you will fall in love with. Together we explore ideas that result in expressive, personalized pieces of jewelry.

Following the meeting, we then decide on gemstones for the new jewelry piece from our expertly curated collection with careful regard for your personal style. If the appropriate gemstone, diamond or pearl is not in our collection, we will source through our network of trusted gem dealers from around the world. We make certain we only get the best quality and value.

 Halo Coin

Perfectly crafted like the magnificent Greek Gods, this classical piece was forged from an Ancient Greek coin dating back to 305 BC and is encased with 18 carat gold.  This rare collectors’ piece, combines the sparkling gold, representing the achievements of the Hellenistic period in artistry and elegance. A time when beauty and science was paramount and amalgamated in all art, architecture and philosophy.

 Two Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

What can represent pure love more than a two carat diamond engagement ring? This sensual pave-set piece was inspired by the romance of a stroll down the Champ-Elysee in Spring time. Cut for exceptional beauty, and handcrafted with painstaking detail, this ring is the perfect symbol of the timeless bond and commitment between two people.


Featured Jewelry

Meticulous handcrafted, our jewelry ensure radiance and sophistication beyond compare. 

Handpicked by loving hands and an eye for detail, your finished piece will represent your uniqueness, flare, and personality. 

We harness modern styles with inspiration from classical design, exuding a perfect blend of the past to the present.